by | Oct 23, 2020 | Art

I often paint abstract motives with acrylic paint on canvas. The summer of 2020 I decided to learn how to paint on canvas and build my own wooden frames to mount them on. Usually I just buy the ready-made ones.

The role of canvas felt infinite. It came natural to make the paintings long. Since I was working outside, at my summerhouse, the motives became what I saw around me – horizons. Sky meeting ocean. Meadows and night skies and so on.

Now I am thinking about maybe building simple outer frames for some of them. I think it could be nice. But honestly – they are pretty magical just the way they are right now as well.

The painting out in the woods

The painting out in the woods

"What were you even doing out in the woods with that painting?!”   Yesterday my friend, photographer Marcel Pabst, shared a picture on Instagram - where you see a beutiful, Swedish landscape, a painting and most of all a pair of legs up in the air.   So how...

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