Ink horizons

by | Feb 13, 2021 | Art

I made frames for some of my favourite horizons. 

I took some of my favourite ink horizons and asked Bengt and his team at Galleri Anden to cut passepartout and build frames for them.

In my pop-up-studio at Nääs Fabriker you can see them live. Or why not just get them in my webshop? In the webshop you can enjoy more detailed pictures of them as well. 

Go for it!

Owls as ornaments

Owls as ornaments

Time for spring! Is it only me or did you also start picking branches, putting them in water, hoping for those lovely green little buds to pop up?  Looks even cuter if you put my porcelain owls in them. You find them in my webshop. Tjohoo ho ho!

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