by | Oct 4, 2020 | Textpainting

My biggest passion is letters and texts. For as long as I can remember I have loved pens, luxurious paper and nice little note books. I learnt how to write letters and short stories when I was about five years old.

A couple of years ago I found my first diary in a box. The notebook was one of those with black covers, a red back, and lined pages. Already at this time I started what now is my signum – to paint the letters as shapes and not care so much about punctuation marks or gaps between words.

Each text painting I make is unique! The final result depends on how much color I put on the letters and how hard I press it against the raw water color paper. The messages I paint is about love, being happy, humble and strong.

I do re-use my texts. Since I paint the words my hand the text turns out different every time. A simple text like ”lycka är du” can look so different depending on how I place the letters, what color I use and how hard I press the letter to the paper.

Each paining is like a friend with a different, unique personality. ”Hi friend!” I think to myself when a new version appears in front of me.

Cards with textart

Cards with textart

I just put a nice little offer in the webshop. From today, Friday, until Sunday you can get a box with six cards for only 125:- When it is this dark, gray and windy we all actually need a little box of joy. Or, well a box of cards with joyfull textart to be exakt.  A...

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