The painting out in the woods

by | Dec 4, 2020 | Art

“What were you even doing out in the woods with that painting?!”


Yesterday my friend, photographer Marcel Pabst, shared a picture on Instagram – where you see a beutiful, Swedish landscape, a painting and most of all a pair of legs up in the air.


So how did we even end up out in the woods with that painting? To make a long story short a couple of creative friends, with a lot of time on their hands – do to Covid – decided to take some playfull portraits outdoors.


I had an idea in my head that it would look really fun and playfull to run, with the painting under my arm, and take ballerinalike leaps on that meadow. Well, the rest is history. I can tell you it is a little bit tricky to make a gracefull jump on a cold, Swedish, December day –  especially when you have extra tights under your jeans.


And yes thank you for asking – everybody is OK. The painting did not break, the artist got a little wet and very giggly and the photographer managed to catch it all on film. Tjohoooo!



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