Privacy Policy – Mayor Ekeblad

I respect your integrity and therefore treat personal data in a careful and responsible manner and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In all contexts where personal data may be processed by Mayor Ekeblad or by someone else on behalf of Mayor Ekeblad, all reasonable and appropriate measures are taken to protect customer information from unauthorized access, dissemination, alteration, and destruction.

Mayor Ekeblad processes personal data in the form of names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and addresses. Mainly, this is data that you have provided me. I have several different purposes for processing personal data; I process personal data to respond to inquiries, send out invitations and to provide news.

I also need to process personal data in connection to any purchases made. Furthermore, I collect cookies when my website is visited. I strive to continuously improve my processes and systems in all parts of our company to improve the management and security of your tasks.

When you make a purchase with me, you agree that I will handle your information in order to fullfil my commitment to you as a customer. You are always entitled to know which of your personal information I handle, correct them or remove them. To get this, please send an e-mail to